Dressing Like a Young Professional

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A few months ago my boss recommended that we start dressing more professional even when we aren’t at the office. I wasn’t for it at first because I really like being comfortable and wearing sneakers, but ever since I started getting clients while running errands and being out and about, I realized that maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

I guess it really does make a difference to dress professionally everywhere you go. I’ve gotten either, “Ma’am, what is it that you do for work?” or “I really love your shoes/purse/dress!” This is the perfect opener for a conversation that leads to prospective work. Bam.

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Ever since I got this gorgeous duster cardigan, I’ve literally been wearing it non-stop and am now considering getting it in every color. For the price of $10.37, it’s a statement piece that instantly makes any outfit chic. I was worried that with it being so cheap and coming from China that it would be poor quality and ill-fitting, but it actually fits me perfectly (I’m 5’1, 135 pounds and a size 6/8 fit me). Not only is the fit great, but the fabric is soft, the stitching is great, and the overall quality I would expect to pay at least $25 for.


As for the top and skirt, I’ve manage to fool everyone into thinking it’s a dress. It’s actually a crop-top paired with a pencil skirt! Another tricky way to get variety out of your closet without having to buy more clothes.

Last honorable mention: white high heels! I’ve been eyeballing Louboutin’s “So Kate” heel in white, but at the price of $695, I already knew it wasn’t worth it because I’d scuff those beauties in the first five minutes of wearing them. This affordable alternative by Charles David may not have red soles, but for about $50 you’re getting a quality leather high heel that’s not only professional-looking, but extremely comfortable as well.

Make sure that all the heels you wear to work don’t have a platform, ladies! Platforms are, in my honest opinion, tacky and not suitable for an office environment – they signify “I need to be comfortable when I go dancing,” which, to me, seems more of a need to have when you’re at a club, not at a desk. It might be more painful to opt-out of platform heels, but you don’t have to go as high when you nix the platform! I don’t go any higher than a 4-inch heel for work shoes, as anything higher can also look too sexy for the office.

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Mocha Duster Cardigan: $4.38 + $5.99 shipping ($10.37) on Amazon.com

Zara Crop Top: $14.99 plus tax – Clearance at Zara

Superdry Scuba Watch: $45.80 + free shipping on eBay

Pencil Skirt: $7.90 at Ross

Charles by Charles David “Pact” Leather High Heel: $52.24 on Amazon.com

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