Would You Date For Money? The World of Sugar Dating With Jenn Darling

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If we told you it was possible to earn money while dating, would you do it?

Happy Valentine’s day, baller fam! In today’s episode, my friend Jenn Darling joins us for a juicy episode full of love and money. Last year, Jenn and I were struggling financially and jokingly brought up the possibility of becoming a sugar baby. It was a joke at first… until it wasn’t.

Jenn and I teamed up to explore the world of sugar dating. We did our research, created our profile, created a plan of attack, and set into the wild to catch some big fish.

It was not at all what we expected.

In many women’s social circles, we tend to joke about selling feet pictures or becoming sugar babies, but the industry is lucrative if you have the steel stomach for it. Sugar dating is becoming more and more commonplace – in fact, USC and UCLA are 2 of many college schools in the US that have a large number of students living double lives as sugar babies. What’s a girl to do when she’s gotta eat, pay rent, and can’t get a job because she’s a full-time student?

Join Jenn and me in today’s hilarious storytime where we share our comedic experience of attempting to become a 6-figure sugar baby – and failing miserably.

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