The Cost of Love Pt. II: What Do Men Want on Valentine’s Day?

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Baller Fam! This is Part 2 of our 2-Part Valentine’s Day special with my friend and personal finance blogger Cassandra Bustamante, mastermind behind The Wealth Vineyard, a personal finance blog focused on crypto, investing, side hustles, and financial freedom. In Part 1 (Episode 8), Cassandra and I discussed some common frustrations people have with this holiday and how unreasonably pricy it can be for the amount of stress it can induce.

Now that we’ve covered the female perspective of Valentine’s Day, we’re curious to hear about the male perspective of this holiday. Join us in today’s episode as we call 3 of my trusted straight guy friends to get their thoughts about Valentine’s Day and what their experiences and expectations are. This episode is filled with comedic worst-case scenarios, some of our real-world experiences, and some serious thoughts about gender roles reinforced by the binary lens of Valentine’s Day.

Check out the previous episode (Episode 8) for Part 1 of this two-part Valentine’s Day special.

In Episode 9:

  • Jon’s budget-friendly musical Valentine gift (2:52)
  • Who does Jon feel should pay for the day? (5:02)
  • Is dinner at home and lovemaking enough for men on Valentine’s Day? (6:08)
  • Aileen’s accidental Valentine’s date (9:02)
  • Chibuzo’s at-home Nigerian cuisine experience (12:20)
  • If I pay for the date, I can guarantee a good experience with my preferences (13:36)
  • Chibuzo’s budget-friendly Valentine’s Day tip: steal flowers (15:46)
  • Chibuzo’s $150 Valentine’s date (18:04)
  • Michael’s broke romantic date on the beach (25:16)
  • The original idea behind Valentine’s Day is chivalrous men pursuing women (26:11)
  • Is splitting the bill less romantic? (28:03)
  • How a man’s pride can be affected by picking up the bill (29:08)
  • Who started the unrealistic luxurious expectations on Valentine’s Day? (31:56)
  • Is Guylentine’s Day becoming a trend for men like Galentine’s Day for women? (33:46)
  • How Michael would turn $100-$200 roses into a tax write-off (36:26)
  • The nightmare scenario: your expensive date makes your credit card decline (38:14)

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