The Cost of Love Pt. I: Is Valentine’s Day Too Expensive?

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Baller Fam! We are kicking off your February 14th with Part 1 of a 2-Part Valentine’s Day special with my friend and personal finance blogger Cassandra Bustamante, mastermind behind The Wealth Vineyard, a personal finance blog focused on crypto, investing, side hustles, and financial freedom. Cassandra and I share a deep affinity for both personal finance and modern-day culture, so unsurprisingly enough, we poured out our opinions on the societal rules of dating and how much they wreak havoc on our budget during Valentine’s Day.

A common complaint on Valentine’s Day is how much of a hassle it can be to go out and celebrate this holiday with your valentine, no matter how smitten you might be. Restaurant prices skyrocket, date night activities become packed with other couples fighting for spaces, and people are often scrambling for a pricy Valentine’s gift to win the heart of their romantic interest. And with the heavy influence of social media, many people feel frustration, shame, or even jealousy that they may not have a special someone to celebrate with, let alone the extra funds to comfortably treat themselves or anyone else on a day that encourages love in the form of gifts.

But is this holiday that serious? On average, Americans spend $175 during Valentine’s Day, with men spending twice as much as their female counterparts at a whopping $235. Cassandra and I are curious to know if this holiday is really worth spending so much of both our money and emotions on.

Catch Episode 2 where we hilariously ask our guy friends about their perspective on Valentine’s Day here.

In Episode 8:

  • Cassandra’s Worst Valentine’s Day Experience (3:07)
  • Does commercialization have a significant impact on how we view Valentine’s Day? (5:19)
  • How social media influences us to celebrate Valentine’s Day far beyond our budget (9:03)
  • Financial stats behind the $23.9 billion Valentine’s Day industry (11:56)
  • Price hikes on Valentine’s Day steaks and other common holiday goods (14:41)
  • How Valentine’s Day brings out people’s dating anxiety and relationship wounds (20:25)
  • Why not being asked out on Valentine’s Day hurts more than being single year-round (23:33)

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