The Baller on a Budget Podcast is Live!

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Aileen Luib, host of The Baller on a Budget podcast

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Hello everyone! I’m sorry for the radio silence this past month – I experienced a major autoimmune flare-up and have been spending a lot of time recovering. Taking the time to catch up on physical rest has given me ample time to focus on the launch of my podcast, The Baller on a Budget! Episode 1 is now live, and I hope to release episodes on a regular schedule. You can listen to it here!

The Baller on a Budget podcast is available to listen to on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify. If you’re listening on an Apple device, please take the time to subscribe, rate, and write a review for the podcast, as this helps increase visibility and makes it easier for new listeners to find me! If you’re listening on Spotify, you can also follow the podcast to get updates on new episodes.

I’m really excited about this new avenue of The Baller on a Budget and I hope that audio format helps more people connect with my messaging and my personality. Talking about money can get boring at times, so I hope I can manage to make it exciting and juicy enough to keep the conversation going!

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