Dressing For Summer in October

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It feels like summer will never end! It was just about 95 degrees today after a week of 80-degree weather. With my birthday coming up, it seems like I can probably plan for warm-weather activities. I remember the days when I always wanted to go to the beach during my birthday, but it was freezing. Now I don’t really care to go to the beach. Funny how that works, huh?

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I don’t care much for hot weather, but having lived in Southern California for so many years, the thing I do like is being able to stretch my summer wardrobe for nearly half the year. This dress from Image is one of my favorite summer dresses – it’s form-fitting, flattering, and the extra fold at the front hides my belly after an indulgent meal!

If I had to pick my number one clothing store, it would probably have to be Image. Ever since my local mall opened an Image branch, I’ve started getting all of my trendy pieces and dresses from there. Although you can find trendy pieces at places like Forever 21, I favor the prices at Image much more. With clothing that goes out of trend after a single season, I try to stick to lower prices. I can’t justify spending $30 on a single blouse that may go out of season after the year’s end.

This is my second time wearing this pair of heels, and I’m loving them so far. I bought them on Shoedazzle for only $17.09! It was my first time purchasing with them, so I got my first pair of shoes for $10 plus tax and shipping.

Shoedazzle is a shoe subscription company where you can get gorgeous shoes every month for $39.95. Are you locked into a purchase each month? No! All you have to do is skip the month before a certain date and your card won’t be charged for the month.

I’ve worn previously paired these shoes with a loose dress for a more casual look in a previous OOTD post too. I’m discovering that these heels may seem like a trendy item, but I’ve been able to come up with a variety of outfits for these babies.

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Get the Look (from top to bottom):

Strapless Dress: $19.80 at Image Clothing

Layne High-Heel Sandal: $17.09 on Shoedazzle

Layne High-Heel Sandal: $17.09 on Shoedazzle

Layne High-Heel Sandal: $17.09 on Shoedazzle

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