An Age-Appropriate Modern Office Look

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I recently bought some work clothes from Forever 21 because with my new office job, I realized how much my wardrobe was sorely lacking in terms of office-appropriate attire. I was able to snag both this turtleneck knit top for $7.90 and this pencil skirt for $6.90. Outfits that cost less than $20 are my favorite.

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One of my keys to pulling off a polished outfit that appears pricier than it’s actually worth? Keep it simple, and finish it off with any designer pieces you actually do have. Since I was running errands, I kept it simple with my Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet. Before I got the iPhone 7 Plus, I was able to put my naked iPhone 6 in this wallet, which made traveling much less bulky.

Marc by Marc Jacobs "Classic Q Wingman" Wallet: $63.14 on eBay

Marc by Marc Jacobs “Classic Q Wingman” Wallet: $63.14 on eBay

I got these strappy kitten heels last year in June at Reflection for only $43.19 (I sifted through my online bank statements just to share the price), and since then, it’s been a staple in my professional wardrobe. I wear these often to professional mixers, and I find that it’s great a conversation piece. I’ve received compliments on them or have been asked where I got them from. It’s gotten my foot in the door (literally and figuratively) with conversations leading to prospective clients.


My boss was absolutely right when he advised us to look at our clothing purchases as investments: what articles of clothing will make a person approach you and open the door to a conversation?

The most helpful piece of business advice I’ve received: before you make a purchase, ask yourself: what will be your return on this investment?

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Get the Look (from top to bottom):

Turtleneck Knit Top: $7.90 at Forever 21

Pencil Skirt: $6.90 at Forever 21

Marc by Marc Jacobs “Classic Q Wingman” Wallet: $63.14 on eBay

Strappy Kitten Heel: $43.19 – Reflection Shoes

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