Italic: Ending Retail Markup With Designer-Quality Products At-Cost

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Aileen Luib wearing Italic Waverly Long Puffer Jacket which has the same manufacturer as Max Mara & Mackage at a fraction of the price

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If you’ve been keeping track of what I’ve been sharing on Instagram this past year, you may be aware of my newfound commitment to shop more consciously while simultaneously continuing to save money. Unfortunately, shopping for products at affordable prices is often impossible without sacrificing either quality or your moral values, thanks to fast fashion and fast consumption. Companies make a killing on selling cheaper products by cutting down on quality materials or fair wages in order to deliver the most enticing prices to consumers.

Although I love a good bargain, fast fashion and hyper-consumerism often leave me with a lack of total satisfaction, as the quality of affordable products tends to be awful. Cheap apparel hardly ever stands the test of time, which makes it understandable why people who earn more seek out designer labels that offer quality. But although investing in high-quality products offers longevity, it still makes me question the necessity of over-inflated retail markups. Sure, designer apparel can be passed on through generations, but is really it worth spending thousands upon thousands for a single item like a handbag, coat, or shoes? Do you really save money when most of what you own is sold at 10000% markup?

I’ve been on the hunt for a company that can satisfy my desire for ethical consumption, quality items, and reasonable prices, and I’m happy to say that I’ve found a company that offers all three things. Italic has been my secret weapon for the past few months, so I have to spread the gospel! They offer a wide range of products from women’s and men’s apparel, shoes, bags, to even houseware. All of their items are sourced from manufacturers that partner with designer brands, but since Italic cuts out the middle man, they are able to slash down the price by a large amount, which allows customers to purchase high-quality items at factory prices.

Italic’s brand mission states: “Retail has always been about access, with brands using inflated prices to control who can buy their products. But we think that high-quality, beautifully designed pieces have a real-world value, so we created a way to sell them at realistic prices.

Members are granted access to Italic’s full range of high-end products, made by the same factories that make your favorite pieces but are sold at-cost. That means that you’ll only pay for the product itself and any fulfillment fees (like packaging, warehousing, and shipping). There’s no high-end branding to pay for, and no retailer looking to make a profit. Just the perfect pieces, at the perfect price, always.”

The only slight downside is that Italic is a member-only company – this is probably how they keep prices low while managing to not run out of stock quickly. Membership will cost you $120 annually, but if you’re looking to invest more in high-quality pieces to create a more everlasting wardrobe or are already paying retail price on designer items, then you’ll find that Italic’s membership offers a lot of value. This beautiful Waverly Long Puffer that I’m wearing in the above photo is produced by the same manufacturer as Max Mara & Mackage, but is priced at a mere $150 compared to similar items offered by Canada Goose and Moncler – $1,150 and $1,875, respectively. Even with stacking the $120 membership on top of the price of this jacket, you’re still paying a mere fraction of the retail price!

I truly stand behind the quality of this jacket as I’ve been using it nonstop throughout this winter season, and it’s been far superior compared to the several other down jackets in my closet. Italic is one of the very few brands I’ve seen that offers quality at-cost, so I highly recommend them if you’re looking to amp up the quality of the items in your closet while saving money. If there ever existed a splurge that didn’t involve buyer’s remorse, you’ll definitely find it through Italic!

I’ve linked a few of my favorite items from Italic below. If you get anything from Italic, comment on this post and let me know your thoughts! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter below for more money-saving tips and tricks.

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