iPhone 7: How I Got it for Nearly Free

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Ever since my cell phone provider Sprint notified me that I was eligible for an early upgrade, I waited for months until the iPhone 7 was finally announced earlier this month. But because of the activation fee, I ultimately decided not to upgrade. However, those 16GBs of storage just weren’t cutting it for me anymore…

However, earlier today as I was checking my account online, I did see that Sprint announced on their website that they are currently offering to waive the upgrade fee on a new iPhone (a $30 savings) including free delivery beginning 9/16 (another about $14.95 saved), and a free upgrade to the iPhone 7 256GB for the price of the 128GB.


Here’s a breakdown of my current phone lease plan:

iPhone Forever Plan

$50/mo – Unlimited talk, text, data
$9.99 ($2.99 Sprint discount)/mo Spotify Premium
$30/mo iPhone 6 16GB lease
Total including taxes and fees: Approximately $98/mo

One of the best features of this plan is that after 12 months of device payments (or after the equivalent amount of 12 payments is paid), you can turn in your current phone and get a new iPhone when the latest model comes out. Your lease renews and you only have to pay for the activation fee of the new device. The price of your phone determines your monthly lease amount. In my case, I’d be paying the same monthly lease price for a 128GB, just about!

FREE New iPhone SE + Free Express Shipping with New Line Activation!

Now, there’s just one caveat to all of this: granted your device is still in good condition, you’ll get more or less an even trade. If the device being turned in has notable damage, you may be charged penalties by Sprint, especially if the device is under a lease contract.

Back to my experience: I called Sprint and unfortunately waited a little over 2 hours, but finally placed my order. I’m currently awaiting my new iPhone to arrive in the mail later this month!

Remember, this offer is only valid over the phone or online and while supplies last.

If you’re looking to start new service with Sprint, you can actually get 2 lines of unlimited data, talk and text for only $100/month.

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