How to Financially Survive a Breakup with Dannie Vann From Pennies to Wealth

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Have you thought about leaving your partner but didn’t think you could financially survive a breakup or be alone? We’re getting deep in a discussion full of heartbreak, radical life changes, and tackling the fear of being alone. In today’s podcast episode, Dannie Vann from Pennies to Wealth and I discuss my newest chapter in life: ending a 6-year relationship.

Although my recent partner and I weren’t married, we still built a life together and were on the way to marriage, which made the process of separation painful. Just 2 years ago, Dannie was in a similar situation, but even deeper: she was married for almost 10 years.

Dannie’s story has been an inspiration to me ever since I first followed her last year, but I never thought that one day my story would follow the same path. We both stayed too long in relationships that were no longer serving us; however, pulling the plug was the best decision for us. Dannie’s story of making it out on the other side of heartbreak and becoming financially stable once again serves as a beacon of hope for many other women just like me who’ve just begun the healing journey.

In this episode, Dannie and I spill the tea on both of our stories of navigating through heartbreak while balancing the more practical side of separation: learning how to financially survive transitioning from a 2-person household income down to 1. We talk about grief, the financial strategies we’ve used to rebuild ourselves, learning to love ourselves again, dating post-breakup/divorce, and what’s in store for us moving forward.

 In This Episode: 

  • Dannie’s life before the divorce (2:30)
  • When Dannie knew it was time to leave (5:08)
  • How culture enables women to become codependent in relationships (6:08)
  • Dealing with grief and loss (8:06)
  • How Dannie discovered her relationship was holding her back (9:23)
  • Losing your identity in an unfulfilling relationship (11:34)
  • What Dannie’s healing journey looked like (13:11)
  • The cost of being single in this economy (16:19)
  • How to retain your independence in a relationship (18:42)
  • Why people avoid discussing money in relationships (21:51)
  • There is never a “right” time to leave a relationship (23:00) 
  • Focusing on financial strategy when leaving (25:39)
  • Discussing the breakup with your partner (29:22)
  • Finding support outside of the relationship (31:28)
  • Learning to be comfortable being alone (32:32)
  • Where we are settling outside of our relationships (36:37)
  • Getting into “situationships” after a serious relationship (39:05)
  • Dating when you’re financially insecure (44:08)
  • Toxic men who prefer women who are struggling  (47:05)
  • How financial stability ensures healthier dating  (49:56)
  • What are our future plans for ourselves (53:19)

Where you can find Dannie Vann:

Instagram: @penniestowealth

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