How to Curl or Straighten Hair With a Flat Iron + My Favorite Flat iron Under $50

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The holiday season is always a busy time for everyone, but this year it’s especially hectic for me. Between moving into a new home, starting renovations, shopping for Christmas presents and hosting holiday parties, I’m always looking for ways to both save money and save time, especially when it comes to my beauty routine. And that’s where my trusty Hot Tools Signature Series Flat Iron comes into play: whether I want pin-straight hair or luscious curls, I can easily achieve both with just one styling tool.

Here’s how I style my hair both ways using the Signature Series Flat Iron:

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One Tool, Two Ways to Style

While straightening your hair with a flat iron is pretty simple, I’ve gotten the question “how do you curl your hair with a straightener?” many times. It’s actually much more simpler than it looks! Just like using any other styling tool, it does take practice, but once you nail it, it becomes second nature.

Simply take a 1-inch lock of your hair and run the flat iron through it once to warm up the hair and smooth out any kinks. Then at the root, clip the hair with the flat iron and turn it 45 degrees away from your face, and then gently pull the iron downwards, allowing it to glide through the hair. You can either let the ends stay straight for a natural and wavy look, or twist the iron at the tips of the hair for a more polished look.

Alternatively, you can wrap a lock of hair around the top plate, clip down and glide the flat iron downward. This method is preferred if you can’t seem to pull the flat iron down without the lock of hair sliding off the flat iron.

The plates glide through my hair much more easily than other flat irons I’ve used, so it’s easy to create curls without snagging your hair. And a bonus: the swivel cord allows you to twist the tool as your curl without tangles!

If you prefer a more structured and precise curl from a curling iron, the Hot Tools Signature Series 1-inch iron and 1 1/4-inch irons are amazing as well. I used to use the 1 1/2 when my hair was longer for a more natural look, but am currently using the 1-inch for my current lob cut.

Great for All Hair Types

Many of my friends ask me what kind temperature setting I recommend to heat style their hair, and the answer is typically not a one-size-fits-all solution: if it’s too hot, it can severely damage fine and thin hair. If it’s not hot enough, thick and coarse hair won’t achieve the results needed. The great thing about the Hot Tools Signature Series Flat Iron is that it has an adjustable temperature and can go up to 440 degrees, so thick and coarse hair can enjoy locks that stay in place without wilting. The temperature can also go down to 280, which is recommended for finer hair.

Here are the recommended temperatures for each hair type:

  • 280 – 330 degrees F for fine thin, hair
  • 330 – 380 degrees F for normal, medium-textured hair
  • 380 – 430 degrees F for thick, coarse hair

If you’re worried about damaging your hair, the Pulse Technology ensures that the temperature stays even and consistent during use, so you get great results every time. The ceramic plates also reduce frizz and add shine, which definitely helps if any existing hair damage looks more apparent after heat styling.


Whether you want curls or straight hair, you can easily achieve both with the flat iron, which makes it ideal for traveling. The flat iron has a lock on the bottom hinge so you can pack it tight in your luggage. And it features universal dual voltage as well, so you don’t need to bring a transformer when you travel. There’s also an automatic shut-off feature, which offers peace of mind after you leave the room.

Affordable and Achievable Salon Results

Don’t let the $50 price tag fool you: Hot Tools products are used at many salons! In fact, Hot Tools has a special place in my heart: When I got my hair dyed, cut and styled for the first time at a salon at 15, my stylist used a Hot Tools flat iron on me and I loved the results. That day I went to the store and bought my first flat iron, and of course, it was Hot Tools. After trying out other brands, I always wind up going back to their tools because I enjoy their results the most – no other tools make my hair smoother! It just goes to show that expensive products aren’t always the answer.

Just like their tagline says, I also believe that everyone deserves beautiful. If you’re like me and want to look great without breaking the bank, Hot Tools Signature Series line is definitely worth trying.

The Hot Tools Signature Series is available now at Walmart and Amazon. Have you tried Hot Tools before? Drop a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter below for more affordable beauty tips and tricks.

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