How I Manifested Over $1,000 in Less Than 21 Days

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Ever since I learned how to manifest money, I see money completely differently from how I used to. Money is a very intimate, polarizing and taboo topic that many people are uncomfortable confronting, and I’ve observed that the power and value we place on it is one of the biggest hindrances in earning the income that we desire.

Growing up, my family’s cultural beliefs trained me to think that money was evil yet necessary to survive, and this perspective made me fearful of both not having enough money, and even having too much of it. Through manifestation, I was able to recreate a healthier relationship with money, which became integral to how I created my blog and business, how I got out of debt, and how I created my current life (which I’m completely in love with, if you didn’t already know).

What is Manifestation and How Can You Use it For Money?

Manifestation is the act of turning an idea into reality through your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. For many practical people, the idea of manifesting money might be a head-scratcher because we assume that the only way to make money is by working long hours, spending less money, and overall, being deprived and miserable. But that’s simply not true.

Manifestation is the mental work required to create the income that you desire, but it also requires you to think outside of the practical box that we’ve been tricked into believing is the only way. How can you expect to make a million dollars if you continue to do the same things that earn you $40,000 a year?

Here’s another great example: have you ever worked longer hours or picked up extra shifts at work for a few extra hundred dollars on your next paycheck? Although the extra money is always great, I’m sure you can agree that it was only a short-term gain that didn’t actually get you closer to obtaining those seemingly impossible financial goals you might want. Working more is often not a sustainable solution: going through the same motions at a faster speed won’t create different results, it’ll just get you to the same goal a little faster.

I’m not suggesting that you quit your job, but I am saying that in order to expand your income, you need to expand your mind too. By changing your mindset, you can change your intentions, which leads to changing your actions. New actions equal new results. This is the process of manifestation.

How I Manifested Debt and Being Broke

My parents are Filipino immigrants and have stories of financial hardship and living in impoverished conditions. In their country, they had only seen rich people either inherit money or do terrible things in order to make their fortune. It was an assumption that rich people had it easy and were either lazy or dishonest people, and as a result, they began associating a modest and hardworking life with being a good person. However, they never had any money because of this mindset.

Unfortunately, I inherited this thinking. I was accustomed to my parents saying “no” to new toys, high school extracurricular activities, and then refusing to help me pay for college (I also wound up dropping out because I couldn’t afford it). Money was a stressor in our home, so I heard to learn how to pinch pennies to the extreme. But my frugality was a product of scarcity, and I felt permanently attached to the belief that I would never have enough money no matter how hard I worked.

This scarcity mindset was how I manifested my debt: because I believed I never had enough money, I was constantly using credit cards to pay for things I couldn’t afford. I justified my frivolousness with the fact that I was poor and bound to suffer, so I should treat myself regardless. My phone bill, car insurance and other necessities were paid with my credit cards, but I also used them for expensive nights out, or even more clothes I didn’t need. 

My life became all about spending more and making less. Suffering was a norm for me, and I grew comfortable with my scarce lifestyle. The harsh reality of my story is that many other people have also become so comfortable with their own bleak financial situation that they’ve conditioned themselves into believing they will forever be broke. Does that sound like you or anyone you know?

How I Learned to Manifest More Money

Years ago, I worked at a spa that not only offered beauty treatments, but promoted physical and spiritual wellness as well. My job led me to the Law of Vibration, which is that everything is made of energy and vibrates at certain frequencies.

With the Law of Vibration, your thoughts and feelings emit vibrations on a certain wavelength that attracts similar energy. So if you feel broke or say you are poor, then that is exactly what you will attract. The Law of Vibration is a stepping stone to the Law of Attraction.

In the Law of Attraction, it is said that our thoughts and emotions begin in the subconscious mind, and if you are rooted in these beliefs, then they will manifest into your conscious mind, which is your logical brain and awareness. This is how your thoughts and perceptions directly affect your waking life and your environment.

When I first began incorporating these principles, I manifested small things like finding a convenient parking space or getting seated immediately at restaurants. They began as fun mini-challenges, but then I worked towards manifesting loftier goals: learning how to love myself, building healthier relationships with loved ones, and finding a new passion, which became blogging.

Over time, many positive outcomes allowed me to faithfully believe in manifestation. However, manifesting money felt much more intimidating to me, especially since financial goals are fixed and involve numbers. Around this time, I had just gotten laid off from my hourly job at a car dealership and quit my second job as a Realtor to blog full-time, so I didn’t see an immediate way of making my money goals come true except to hustle and grind.

I somehow stumbled upon a Facebook group called “Manifestation Babes”, where a lot of members were posting about this “21-day challenge.” Many said they were manifesting more money than they expected, and well before the 21 days were completed! I was really interested to try the challenge and learned it was part of a book called “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe” by Kathrin Zenkina, moderator and owner of the Manifestation Babes Facebook group. She’s also known as Manifestation Babe.

“Unleash Your Inner Money Babe” Book Review

Unleash Your Inner Money Babe” is a workbook that walks you through the 21-day challenge. The book promises that you can manifest $1,000 in 21 days – all you have to do is read one chapter each day and do the exercise at the end of each chapter.

The concepts of the book are based on manifestation and the Law of Attraction but also focuses on rewiring your emotions towards money. This allows you to get into the right headspace in order to clearly manifest the amount of money you’re looking for.

Of course, you can manifest more than $1,000, but the benchmark is set at $1,000 to show you the potential of how easy it is to manifest money and what greater things you can manifest afterward. The first time I did the challenge, I manifested my $1,000 within the first week. I was finally inspired to complete and launch my course The Blogger Bible and made over $1,000 in course enrollments during the first few days of launch!

Learning how to manifest money helped me pay off my accumulated credit card debts and save money. Not only that, but it inspired me to earn almost $40,000 during my 2nd full-time year of blogging.

It’s not often that I write “thank you” letters to people, but the one below was well-deserved. Kathrin is an absolute manifestation genius and is now a high 7-figure income earner by teaching other women how to manifest their dream income. She’s listed her 2016-2017 income on this blog post and has shared some of her CEO reports on the MB blog as well.

Facebook comment thread with Kathrin Zenkina of Manifestation Babe

I think anybody struggling with their finances can benefit from genuinely implementing manifestation into their life. “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe” is a great step-by-step blueprint for learning how to manifest the money you desire, and comes highly recommended by me. I encourage my readers to take the 21-day challenge in this book and share your results! It has genuinely changed my life, and I wouldn’t recommend it if it didn’t.

Get the book on Amazon.

What have you already manifested in your current life and financial situation? Did you manifest a raise at work, or have you manifested debt? What thoughts, intentions and actions lead you to that result? Tell me in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my newsletter below for more money tips and manifestation tricks.

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    It is so true that through manifestation you can have what you want, but in the meantime you must feel it as well and believe its already your’se, because we have the ability to get anything from the universe and this is the strength in us….I do it for a month and I win a lottery that same month through one of latest manifestation technique in 2020.
    This technique link was sent to me by one of my friend, But I am really not sure that same technique could be work for everyone, But defiantly that technique was worked for me because we have to carefully follow the instructions whatever is mentioned in it and that’s why I sharing with you, for this technique I spend some little money but I think by spending a little money if we get good profit then it is not bad, You guys can also try this technique becoz we don’t know that god how to help us, but we needs to be done something. God bless you

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