Friday Favorites Vol. 1: Chic Sweats, Healthy “Frappucinos”, and Mercury Retrograde

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We are starting a new tradition, fam! Every Friday, I’ll be publishing a “Friday Favorites” post featuring my current obsessions on beauty, fashion, food, health, home, lifestyle, and entertainment. I get a tremendous amount of questions from my readers asking for suggestions on a variety of topics, and since I’m always trying out new things, I’d love to share more of what I’m currently raving about!

More Friday Favorites:

Beauty: The Good Stuff Weightless Protection Mist Conditioner


I worked with The Good Stuff for a campaign back in December 2018, but I’ve been using their products faithfully ever since! I just finished my bottle of their Weightless Protection Mist Conditioner, and so it was worth mentioning that I loved this conditioning spray so much that I used it down to the last drop. It’s affordable, hydrating and smoothing, but still lightweight and doesn’t make your hair feel greasy. It smells amazing, too. I highly recommend it if you’re not a fan of the heavy and oily feel that hair serums typically come with.

Style: Missguided Sweatshirt and Joggers

$6 – $42 (for separates and sets) + an extra 50% off

Since my Raynaud’s has been flaring up tremendously this past winter, I’ve had to invest in some warm clothes. I wanted something to wear around the house that wasn’t completely frumpy though, and this tan coordinate sweatshirt and joggers were the perfect answer. I’ve also been pairing them with a beanie or hat and white Adidas Falcons if I run errands, and I still feel super trendy despite being so cozy! I actually bought the t-shirt and joggers set as well as the sweatshirt. Tan is super trendy right now (thanks, Yeezy), so this is a great way to indulge in the tan-on-tan trend without having to actually buy Yeezy.

By the way, Missguided always has 50% off sales – the coupon code just changes. It makes this set so affordable! And they have a bunch of other cute jogger coordinate sets that are worth checking out.

Food: Medical Medium Gingerbread Smoothie

I’ve been making this gingerbread smoothie every day this week after I started reading Medical Medium’s Liver Rescue book, and I cannot get enough of it (admittedly, I sometimes drink it twice a day!). It literally satisfies my craving for Starbucks Frappucinos. It’s healthy, vegan, super easy to make, and is basically a gateway drug to healthier food choices. It’s also so good for your liver!

I made it both with vanilla extract and without it, but I really can’t taste the difference so I don’t add vanilla anymore. I also don’t have cardamom so I put in just a smidge more cinnamon and cloves, and it still tastes like a gingerbread cookie. And the blended dates remind me of chewy boba. Try it. TRY IT.

Health: Medical Medium 3:6:9 Cleanse


If you followed me on Instagram since last year, you’ll know that I fell severely ill after taking a round of antibiotics that left me immunocompromised and unable to fight off a virus. I developed Raynaud’s after getting a terrible flu unlike any I’ve ever had, which matched Epstein-Barr virus. I was tested for everything under the sun and everything came back normal except for a high ANA level, which is a sign of toxic blood because the liver isn’t doing a good job of filtering toxins.

Medical Medium’s Liver Rescue has been so incredibly insightful and eye-opening for me in my pursuit of reversing my Raynaud’s through detoxifying the body of the EBV virus and its viral waste matter. Even though it Raynaud’s is considered an autoimmune disease, there are many cases of people healing their autoimmune diseases with alternative healing modalities and food as medicine. In this book, there is a 9-day liver cleanse, and I’m currently on day 6 and feeling incredible. Thanks so much to @franklyscarlettxo on Instagram for recommending Medical Medium to me – his book has been so incredibly life-changing and I can’t wait to get the rest of his books!

Home: Aliante Porcelain Tile

My Instagram stories have been flooded with our progress of renovating the shower, and it’s finally finished (you can check out the before and after here on this blog post). Since the bathroom is next to my office, I find myself walking in there a few times a day just to gawk at the tile in the shower – I seriously cannot get over how beautiful it looks against the gold hardware! Against the light gray grout and gold hardware in our shower, I’m getting some major art deco, Great Gatsby-type vibes.

Lifestyle: Codenames


Back in December, our friends invited us over for dinner and board games and introduced us to Codenames, which we all immediately became obsessed with. Everyone was so determined to win that they all stopped drinking to sober up and think clearly (it was hilarious to see everyone wracking their brains when they were drunk). I bought the game myself and am so excited because tomorrow I’m hosting a game night with my friends and cannot wait to see this particular group of friends kill each other over this game.

If you have a game night with your friends, make sure to play this first before all the drinking starts, or else it will be a trainwreck of drunken people trying to figure out how to speak proper English again.

Entertainment: Astro Bytes Podcast Episode 79. Mercury Retrograde

If you’re into astrology as much as I am, you’re probably aware that Mercury just went retrograde this week, and in Pisces. Mercury Retrograde is something that people constantly share memes about on social media, but don’t really understand much about. I’ve been binge-listening to the Astro Bytes podcast as each episode is shorter than 10 minutes and breaks down astrology easy for the newbie astrology junkie. Episode 79: Mercury Retrograde explains everything you need to know about Mercury retrograde in a nutshell and how to survive this emotional turbulence, miscommunications, and all the drama next month. Happy retrograde, friends!

You can also check out the podcast episode on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher.

Blog Post: “Spiritual Bypassing: What It Is, Why It’s Harmful, And What To Do About It.”

Whether you’re into the “woo woo” mystical stuff or not, this blog post by Annie Wright is definitely worth a read as it’s it addresses psychotherapy. I’ve been quietly working on processing old traumas and committing to my personal growth, but have found that against my conscience, I have been forcing my newfound enlightened values on others as well. I wasn’t quite able to figure out why I was impulsively doing this until @thevoluptuouswitch posted an Instagram story about something called “spiritual bypassing,” and I had to look it up.

If you’ve been in a constant battle with your ego, or are dealing with someone who seems oppressive and bossy, check this post out so that you gain a bit more perspective on why they are behaving that way.

This Week’s Mantra: “Done is better than perfect.”

I have a major habit of being far too thorough about completing tasks and projects, and while I feel very accomplished for nitpicking at the same thing for hours, I realize that this obsessive perfectionist behavior gives me a false sense of accomplishment. In reality, perfectionism isn’t necessary for everything, and sometimes we need to learn to live with the discomfort of not having done something perfectly and be able to maintain peace in the midst of chaos (whether in your physical environment or mental). It’s also a sign of control issues and prevents you from actually being productive and accomplishing all the other important things you need to be doing.

I’ve really been thinking about the phrase “done is better than perfect” this past week, and have been reminding myself of this mantra when I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed by having too much on my plate or insecure about the quality of my work. It’s definitely helped me let go of my compulsive need to nitpick at everything.

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  1. Need to try that gingerbread smoothie ! My sister made the apple pie smoothie from medical medium and it was so good — I’m assuming this one will be too. And love the tan on tan jogger set. I’ve been trying to wear more cute but lounge wear clothes around the house especially around my boyfriend cuz it’s real easy for me to look frumpy for weeks on end LOL. Looking forward to your next Friday faves!

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