Creating an Easy At-Home Spa Ritual

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I remember one of the most basic fundamental principles as a spa therapist was highlighting the importance of body care and skin care as a destressing ritual. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it seems that taking our daily showers might be an “inconvenience” for people like me who work 8-12 hours a day and struggle to maintain a healthy balance between work and life.

Think about it: Every day after getting home from work or school we want nothing more to eat and sleep, but we have to take our shower first! I’m not so sure about you, but with my busy schedule even a quick 15-minute shower can feel like a hassle sometimes.

Lately, I’ve realized that I’ve forgotten how important it is to treat your personal hygiene regimen like your own at-home spa ritual. It’s even more crucial if your daily cleansing is your only downtime besides going to sleep. So when Edens Garden launched their body care line featuring their new natural bar soaps and salt soaks, you can imagine how much I was looking forward to incorporating their all-natural, essential oil-based body care products into my own at-home spa ritual!

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Unlike most natural bar soaps, Edens Garden bar soaps aren't stripping at all. They're extremely hydrating and thanks to the 100% pure essential oils, the fragrance lasts forever! -

Unlike most natural bar soaps, Edens Garden bar soaps aren’t stripping at all. They’re extremely hydrating and thanks to the 100% pure essential oils, the fragrance lasts forever.

Edens Garden Natural Bar Soaps

My boyfriend Jun has always used a simple Dove soap in the shower, while I’ve always stuck to my ultra-cheap Sandalwood soaps from the Asian market. And although I love the smell, I must confess that I find myself slathering on a bunch of unscented body lotion layered with Edens Garden Body Oil in order to prevent my skin from drying out. Showers are not fun because my soap is so stripping.

Many other natural soaps I’ve gotten from Etsy, health food stores or my local farmer’s market are also incredibly drying. I feel like they use too much coconut oil (which actually strips sebum from the skin) and not enough moisturizing oils – the end result is using a nicely fragranced bar that still winds up stripping my skin!

When I swapped out my soaps for Edens Garden, the first thing I noticed was that got the formula perfect. It’s not stripping at all; it’s super luscious in the shower and the smell is just divine. My favorite one is Lemongrass – it’s an energizing pick-me-up for my sluggish mood!

I was also pretty impressed with how the fragrance carried so well, which doesn’t surprise me since the soaps are essential-oil based. I smelled the fragrance in the bedroom, and Jun even smelled it all the way down the hallway.

That said, I love these soaps so much that I had to get a soap dish with draining slits so my soap wouldn’t disintegrate into a puddle of standing water. I also started cutting every bar into 4 pieces so the fragrance lasts down to the tiniest piece (you’ll thank me for that tip later!). And I’m not sure if you frugal folks share this habit, but I even started sticking the “too tiny” pieces onto a fresh piece of soap so that I don’t waste a single bit. Not gonna lie, I love this soap that much.

Edens Garden salt soaks are made with 100% pure essential oils and can be used in the bath, as a foot soak, or even as a dry body scrub when mixed with a carrier oil. -

Edens Garden salt soaks are made with 100% pure essential oils and can be used in the bath, as a foot soak, or even as a dry body scrub when mixed with a carrier oil.

Edens Garden Salt Soaks

Earlier this month I was hit with walking pneumonia and didn’t even realize I had it until I was 3 weeks into my “cold” and was still running low-grade fevers. I found the energy in me to scrub down my neglected bathtub and draw myself a nice hot bath with Fighting Five (sorry for the lack of photos – my bathroom is definitely not photogenic, to say the least!). Needless to say, it was a much-needed relaxing bath that soothed my sore muscles and lessened my symptoms. I also found myself extremely decongested afterward! I followed up by diffusing Fighting Five in my Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser and rubbed Breathe Easier on my chest and drifted right off into sleep.

I’ve also been using hot water in a small basin and soaking my feet towards the end of my workday using the Relax Salt Soak. It might not be the most luxe experience doing this right under my office desk while working, but hey, since I work from home it’s a great way for me to “close” my work day and transition back into my own life and personal activities. This is also a great idea for people who aren’t into baths but still want the therapeutic benefits of salt soaks.

Coming in at a close second favorite is the Yuzu Cannabliss Salt Soak! If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen my post last month about my newest obsession with CBD for health benefits, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was to see that Edens Garden used the power of hemp to create a soak for aches and pains.

A little spa hack I also want to share: If you grab about a tablespoon of salt soak and mix it with a bit of a carrier oil in a bowl (or whatever oil you have lying around!), you can actually use it as a dry body scrub. We used to do body scrub treatments at my old spa just like this! You can scrub down in the shower before turning the water on, which makes the scrub more effective and the salts won’t dissolve. Your skin will be nice and smooth, and the oil left on your skin makes for a great lubricant for the smoothest and closest shave you’ll ever have in your life. Goodbye forever, shaving cream.

Edens Garden essential oil bar soaps and salt soaks are great toxic-free way to unwind after a long day and will save you money on visits to your local spa! -

How do you guys create zen in your own at-home ritual? Leave a comment, I’d love to know! And if you don’t already have a way to de-stress and pamper yourself at home, be sure to pick up some all-natural goodies from Edens Garden. It’s a great toxin-free way to unwind after a long day’s work and will save you money on visits to your local spa!

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