Do You Really Need a Decollete Cream For Your Neck and Chest?

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For the most part, it’s common knowledge to have some sort of regular skincare regimen to help keep your skin looking young. But with so much focus on our face, when does our neck and decollete area get any much-needed TLC?

The first signs of aging show on the neck and chest: these areas get the equivalent amount of exposure to the sun and free radicals as the face, yet we aren’t told enough to take care of those areas as much as we take care of our face. As a result, we’re likely to see wrinkles on our necks and sun freckles or discoloration on our chest before any other part of our body.

For the most part, skincare brands are finally catching on, creating their very own specialty decollete creams. I may possibly get some negative opinions on this, but just like how I feel that sometimes eye creams can hurt more than they help, I don’t really think that using a decollete cream alone will eradicate wrinkles and discoloration. Part of the anti-aging puzzle is prevention and maintenance, and a single decollete product will not make up for proper care.

That said, here are a few tips to start doing to take care of your decollete:

#1: Wear Sunscreen

We’re always told to wear sunscreen on our faces, but what about our necks? It’s common sense, but not common knowledge. Always remember to apply sunscreen on your neck, chest and shoulders – and not just to the beach! Driving to work gives you a considerable amount of sun exposure, so always, always, always, wear sunscreen before you go on your daily commute.

I know many people avoid sunscreen due to the greasy feel that most formulas have, but there are some amazing and affordable sunscreen formulas that are non-greasy and offer incredible sun protection (Supergoop isn’t the only awesome sunscreen out there!). Check out my other blog post 5 Benefits of Sunscreen Besides the Obvious (& 9 Budget-Friendly Sunscreens) for more recommendations on facial sunscreens.

#2: Avoid Looking Down

If you have a habit of looking down at your phone in your lap, start kicking that habit now. Over time, hunching over your phone will accelerate the formation of wrinkles. Keep your head high – this will also help promote good posture!

#3: Avoid Sleeping on Your Side

Similar to looking down at your phone, sleeping on your side pushes your breasts together and creates wrinkles in your cleavage as well as your upper chest (no matter how big or small your boobs are). If you’re a side sleeper, imagine dedicating an entire night’s worth of sleep on creating wrinkles! This can be a challenging habit to break, but try to start sleeping on your back. If it’s uncomfortable, you’ll probably need a more supportive pillow. 

#4: Use Your Skincare Products on Your Neck

Understandably, not everyone is ready to buy a decollete cream, and usually because they tend to be pricey. If you’re strapped for cash, you don’t have to buy anything right now – just use your existing skincare regimen on your neck and chest! This includes your facial cleanser, scrubs, masks, toners, and moisturizers. Treating your decollete with your existing products is better than treating it with nothing.

When you go to a good esthetician for a facial, they will always treat your neck and chest area with the products they use on your face. You’ll likely see an improvement in skin texture and color once you add your decollete to your daily skincare regimen.

#5: Apply Your Products Correctly

Once you start using products on your decollete, pay attention to the direction of which you apply your products. You want to avoid rubbing anything on your neck in a downward direction as it will encourage the skin to stretch and sag downwards along with gravity. Instead, apply your products in smooth, upward strokes towards the jawline, working against gravity. Also, make sure that you aren’t aggressively pulling the skin – use more product if it’s causing dry friction.

#6: Consider Purchasing a Decollete Cream

If you are ready to invest in a decollete cream, do your research and consider getting samples before pulling the trigger, especially if it’s a costly one. A hot decollete cream right now is La Mer’s Neck & Décolleté Concentrate, but at a whopping $295 before sales tax, I can’t recommend it to anyone, even if they could afford it. $300 can get you a series of anti-aging treatments at a spa that would be more effective, in my opinion. Pricier doesn’t always equal better.

Try to find a product that works within your budget and adjust accordingly. Here is a variety of great neck creams that are $100 and under (even a $100 neck cream is 1/3 the price of La Mer):

#7: Understand That Some Neck Lines Are Simply Genetic

It’s really common to have neck lines at an early age: “necklace lines” are genetic, and no creams or treatment will permanently remove them. Doing so would require costly Botox or fillers, and unfortunately, these options aren’t permanent solutions.

Regardless of whether or not you have wrinkles caused by aging or genetic necklace lines, learn to love them! Aging is a natural part of what we go through in life, and if you can’t afford costly treatments or creams, then learn to embrace them. Criticism towards the neck and decollete are really rare – and if they are received, they’re usually issued by insecure women. Try not to take it personally. There’s more to your beauty than just your neck!

What are you currently doing to take care of your decollete? Let’s chat in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Instagram for more beauty tips and tricks.

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