Designer-Inspired Handbags Under $80

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Looking for the top trending designer handbags of the season? Here are the 8 of the most coveted along with designer dupes under $80 each - both genuine leather and vegan synthetic options included! -

Inspired by Hermés Birkin: $51.00 – $76.50

As fall is now here and winter quickly approaches, it’s time for us to swap out our Cult Gaia Ark bags and brightly-colored basketweave totes for deeper hues, luxurious leathers and intricate hardware.

I’m a huge fan of new seasonal trends, but when it comes to quality handbags, I believe it’s important to invest in not just quality materials that can last through wear-and-tear but also styles and designs that can be worn next year as well. After all, what good is a handbag that lasts one winter and then officially out-of-trend the next winter?

I’ve rounded up 8 classic designer handbags as well as similar genuine leather handbags for each, all under $125 (all except 2 are under $80!). These styles are perfect for the colder months and will last well into next year’s holiday season as well. Which ones are your favorite?

New to the world of designer-inspired handbags? Check out my blog post on The Difference Between Legal Designer-Inspired Handbags and Fake Designer Goods to learn more about why I recommend designer-inspired handbags over the real deal.

#8: Boyy Karl: $1,025.00

Designer-inspired: $75.71

The chic and minimal Karl bag by Boyy is perfect for every single outfit in your fall and winter wardrobe. Get the right color and this bag can be used throughout all 4 seasons.

Starting at just $61.40, you can get a gorgeous genuine leather bag similar to the Boyy Karl.

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Vegan synthetic options:

#7: Bulgari Serpenti: $1,610.00

Designer-inspired: $52.99

Bulgari‘s beautiful Serpenti comes with a chain strap and gorgeous button closure that makes this shoulder bag perfect for the upcoming holiday gatherings. Christmas parties, gala events and drinks at swanky rooftop bars are where the Serpenti lives.

This gorgeous $72 handbag comes in an array of bold and deep colors perfect for winter and comes with a copper chain. Pick between a “double-layer” style that has a dividing zipper pocket or smaller single-layer style.

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Vegan synthetic options:

#6: JW Anderson Pierce: $1,690

Designer-inspired: $53.98

The Pierce bag by JW Anderson is the perfect hybrid clutch and shoulder bag that’s been hitting high street hard this past year. Perfect for structured and geometric outfits featuring tons of layers, this bag is perfect for the sporty-chic girl who loves wearing sneakers or block-heeled booties with some tailored pants or distressed mom jeans.

This $54 handbag inspired by the JW Anderson Pierce comes in genuine leather along with quality hardware that is extremely similar if not exact to the designer original.

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Vegan synthetic options:

#5: Chloé Pixie: $1,590

Designer-inspired: $48.80

Avid lovers of Chloe’s Nile handbag will appreciate the $1,590 Pixie. Featuring design elements from the half-moon Nile, this bag serves as its full-circle sister. The Pixie looks beautiful in darker colors like black or tan, perfect for wintertime.

This $49 handbag similar to the Chloe Pixie is available in several colors as well as vegan synthetic options between $20 – $30. Talk about affordable!

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Vegan synthetic options:

More Designer-Inspired:

#4: Dior Diorama: $3,000+

Designer-inspired: $59.90

The Diorama is much more different than the rest of Dior‘s feminine and ladylike handbags – this chained bag features studs alongside each carefully placed panel, making it an eccentric statement bag for your edgier looks this season.

Although the designer handbag starts at $3,000, this beautiful handbag will only set you back just short of $60, which leaves you with tons of extra money to spend on other things (like, you know, more handbags).

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Vegan synthetic options:

#3: Hermés Birkin: $16,500+

Designer-inspired: $51.00 – $76.50

Although the famous Birkin has had its spotlight from designer-inspired handbags sold by fast-fashion retailers, anyone with a taste for luxury can’t deny that Hermés’s Birkin is a timeless luxury handbag that can stand strong throughout trends.

Unfortunately, the Birkin is also one of the most expensive handbags on the market, requiring a spending history with the brand in order to determine your “worthiness,” and a spot on the waitlist if they don’t have the one you want. Once it’s available, you’re looking at an upwards of $12,000 and well over $200,000 if you want to customize it with things like crocodile skin or diamonds.

If you’re the type that just adores the simple structure and silhouette of this classic bag, you can customize this handbag in an array of colors and sizes for just $50 – $70 – unfortunately, diamonds are not included.

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Vegan synthetic options:

#2: Hermés Kelly: $12,000+

Designer-inspired: $64.54

Another Hermés favorite, the Kelly bag is a smaller, more business-looking version of the Birkin. featuring a similar padlock and belt closure, the Kelly is a more compact and sleek handbag for the sophisticated woman.

Unless you’re making that kind of money, shelling out $12,000+ on a basic Kelly without the fixings may not be in your budget. Take this similar handbag instead: it starts at $57 for genuine leather and you can pick between several sizes and colors.

View other sellers:

  • RTATD Store – $64.54 (25cm, 28cm, 32cm genuine leather)
  • Breeze Chulai Store – $65.00 – $75.00 (25cm, 28cm, 32cm genuine leather)
  • Bethlovehuabao Store – $75.89 – $85.63 (25cm, 28cm, 32cm genuine leather)
  • Deren Life – $87.09 – $93.79 (25cm, 28cm genuine leather)
  • Amazon (Clemence leather) – $99.90 – $108 (25cm, 28cm genuine leather)
  • Amazon (Epsom leather) – $109 (28cm genuine leather)
  • Amazon (Ostrich) – $119 (28cm genuine leather)
  • Amazon (Crocodile) – $119 (28cm genuine leather)

Vegan synthetic options:

#1: Chanel Medium Classic Flap: $4,900

Designer-inspired: $67.23

Of course, Chanel has to hit this list! The Chanel Medium Classic Flap bag is an iconic and timeless handbag that deserves a spot in every woman’s closet. The price? Most can do without.

This gorgeous Chanel Medium Classic Flap-inspired handbag is just under $70 and comes in a variety of colors and sizes in genuine leather. Can’t wait? You can also snag this same bag on Amazon for only $125 and have it delivered in just 2 days.

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Vegan synthetic options:


There you have it! Over 60 designer-inspired handbags that cost well into the thousands for under $125 (and most under $80, just being honest). What handbags did you like? Let’s chat in the comments below and subscribe to my newsletter to get even more designer-inspired handbags delivered to your email!

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Looking for the top trending designer handbags of the season? Here are the 8 of the most coveted along with designer-inspired bags under $80 each - both genuine leather and vegan synthetic options included! -



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