Shoedazzle: Gladiator High Heels Under $40

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Day 3 of yet another outfit for the beautiful “Layne” high-heel sandal by Shoedazzle. I could keep going and going with these shoes…

At first sight, these lace-up heels seem like a one-trick pony, but they match with plenty of pieces in my closet and instantly bump up the chic level on any outfit.

I’m still super shocked that I got them for only $17.09 too. Thank you SO MUCH, Shoedazzle.

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For those of you have still haven’t hopped on the bandwagon, Shoedazzle is a shoe subscription company that allows you to get one pair of shoes each month for $39.99 a month. You also have the option of skipping the month if you’re tight on money or didn’t see anything you like, with no cancellation fees or penalties. You are always able to cancel your VIP membership free of charge as well.

Even with at $39.99, I’m still shocked at the quality of these Shoedazzle heels! Although they aren’t real leather, the texture and quality is definitely higher than most shoes. I think these heels may have hit #1 on my favorite summer shoes for Summer 2016.

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Get the Look (from top to bottom):

Black Wrap Dress: $16.90 at Image

Layne High-Heel Sandal: $17.09 on Shoedazzle

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