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It’s really unfortunate that sneaker collecting is a predominantly-male hobby.

Granted, I only have a few pairs of Jordans and some other sneakers, but due to my knee injury 4 years ago, it gets a bit challenging (and painful) to wear high heels all the time. I really do enjoy the comfort of sneakers, and being able to throw on some leggings and a snapback is a luxurious combo that men can’t indulge in.

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I really want to encourage more women to try incorporating sneakers into their wardrobe – it’s a great change of pace from the normal femininity we’re typecast into, and a great way to dress casually and comfortably without looking bummy, for lack of a better word. To learn how to get the hottest sneakers at discounted prices, you can check out my sneaker guide.

Now, although you can’t get Jordans for dead-cheap (well, I mean you can, but it’s usually pretty specific to larger sizes and colorways that aren’t the best), a brand that I love to try and get on sale is Dimepiece. This female-focused streetwear brand carries basics from tees to joggers, all with cheeky phrases. I can dig.

Shop Dimepiece under $50:

Get the Look (from top to bottom):

Chicago Bulls Snapback: $24.99 on Karmaloop

“Kenosha” Boyfriend Shirt: $17.97 (40% off) at Cotton On

“Babygirl” Sleeveless Crop Top by Dimepiece: $19.98 on Karmaloop

Leggings: $12.99 at Ross

Nike Air Jordan Flight TR ’97: Gifted, but you can snag some Jordans on Sneakersnstuff!

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