5 Comfy Summer Solutions For Curvy Girls With Big Butts

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If body parts could be a style statement, then we couldn’t deny that big butts are totally in right now. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, Beyonce and many others whose derrieres resemble the famed peach emoji icon seem to be the leading figures for this curvy body type – in fact, butt implants are even becoming all the rage nowadays!

Although I love my big butt and shapely thighs, summer isn’t fun for me at all. Big-bootied girls, I’m sure you can agree with me when I say that the worst feeling is seeing thinner girls frolick in the hot sun in their short-shorts, miniskirts while you feel unable to frolick with them because you’ll probably flash someone by accident.

Maybe it’s easier to practical route and invest in maxi dresses and call it a day, but honestly, that practicality gets old very quick. If you still want to wear cute outfits while staying comfortable, here are 4 of my foolproof outfit combinations that are big booty-friendly.

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#1: Flowy Shorts

hate wearing shorts. My curvy sisters, you probably sympathize: I stay away from shorts because having a bigger derriere can attract a lot of unwanted sexual attention in shorts. More often than not, walking 2 steps forward in shorts can result in my shorts riding up my rear, which in turn makes my shorts look more like cheeky panties!

If you can’t stand wearing full-length pants, try shorts that fall mid-thigh and are made of thin and flowy material. You can pair them with a strapless top like I did, or opt-in for a blouse or T-shirt if you want more coverage up top.

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#2: Midi or Maxi Skirts Paired With Crop Tops

It seems like brands have become so hyper-focused on crop tops that they’re forgetting about girls who like a modest top! And you know what they say: if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. But if you’re like me and not quite comfortable with showing off your midsection, a great way to distract from the shortness of your top is to pair it with a full-length skirt, especially one with an elastic waistband so you can hitch it up a bit higher.

Outfits are about balance: if you want to wear something more revealing on top, balance it out with a modest bottom. I love wearing plunging necklines, spaghetti straps and crop tops with maxi skirts as it keeps me cool and comfortable yet trendy at the same time.

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#3: Flowy Skater Skirts

Ah, the dreaded miniskirt: every wide-hipped, big-bootied girl’s fear. Bodycon miniskirts and short hems are a nightmare for me because if I drop anything on the floor, I’m forced to leave it behind because bending over would probably get me arrested for indecent exposure! Even bending at the knees and turning them sideways still results in an unattended flash from my rear.

The fix? If you want something shorter than a maxi or midi skirt but still want to cover your butt, try looking for skater skirts with flowy fabrics that fall mid-thigh. Not only will your legs be able to get their tan on, but won’t have to worry about flashing someone by accident if you need to bend over and grab something.

Form-fitting miniskirts might be a viable option for shorter girls, but aim for lengths that are 16″ or longer.

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#4: Distressed Bermuda Shorts

If skirts are out of the question, then you’ll be excited to know that Bermuda shorts are coming back, and heavily distressed ones are totally in right now. If you need rear coverage but still want to show the front of your thighs, then look for Bermuda shorts with heavy distressing at the front.

This style is best paired with a tied-up T-shirt for a more casual yet hip vibe. Choose between sneakers or high-heel sandals: either way, you’ll look ultra-chic.

#5: Bodycon Dresses

Okay, so you’re tired of flowy maxi skirts, you don’t want to wear crop tops, and anything that shows skin above your knees is a no-go – that’s fineWhy not just embrace your curvy figure and opt for a stretchy jersey bodycon dress? This basic staple is extremely flattering to an hourglass figure, and it’s so versatile that you can style it with mostly everything. A simple bodycon dress can be dressed up with high heel sandals or dressed down with sneakers and a hat. And if you’re not confident in your tummy, you can always wrap a button-up shirt or sweater around your waist like Kim K and call it a day!

Curvy girls, I want to know: what are your best tips for dressing for your body type while staying cool in the summer? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more fashion posts and styling tips!

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This post is sponsored by Shopbop, River Island and Tobi.

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