28 Days to an Affordable White Smile

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Want whiter teeth without expensive visits to the dentist? Smile Brilliant offers an affordable teeth whitening solution in the comfort of your own home.

After one month of using the Smile Brilliant whitening kit.

Thanks to my previous love affairs with coffee and Dr. Pepper, I have been on a wild goose chase to find an affordable whitening system for what feels like an eternity. Well, okay, maybe not an eternity, but definitely years. No matter what I found, it seemed like I couldn’t find a system that met all my requirements: 1- budget friendly, 2- something I could do at home, 3- customized, and 4- good for sensitive teeth. Luckily, after years of searching, I’ve finally found a solution that meets all of the above with Smile Brilliant. Keep reading, because I also have a special giveaway for you too!

Smile Brilliant offers customizable whitening kits that take the guesswork and trouble out of at-home teeth whitening. For a fraction of a dental treatment, you can achieve professional results in the comfort of your own home.

An Affordable and Easy At-Home Solution

Thanks to big-name influencers like the Kardashian family, LED kits have been dominating the at-home teeth whitening market. I’m sure you’ve seen the famous selfies of women with an odd contraption flashing a blue light in their mouth. I’ve had three of those kits, and while all were affordable, only provided mediocre results.

Depending on your needs, Smile Brilliant systems range between $129 – $159 and offers professionally made custom trays that ensure beautiful results and a comfortable experience. With professional whitening usually starting around $700 per session, the price Smile Brilliant offers is more than reasonable for those who want real results.

A lot of people may be hesitant on committing to a kit over $100, but there is so much value in this kit. Their T3 Whitening System comes with 9 syringes, and each syringe lasts a really long time. I’ve gotten over 6 uses with a single syringe! A little goes a long way with this gel.

Easy, No-Fuss Process

After having tried several whitening kits in the past, I started to lose hope that there was an easy way to achieve professional results. When I was sent Smile Brilliant’s kit, I read through the pamphlet and it seemed simple enough. Smile Brilliant takes the guess work out of making your own gel trays and gets them created for you in their lab. Perfect for me, because I tend to ruin most everything health-related that’s DIY. DIY beanies and jeans, no problem. Whitening trays? I’ll leave that to the pros.

Custom-Fitted Trays

Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening system is a step above many other at-home kits I have tried due to their custom-fit teeth whitening trays. While it doesn’t sound like a huge point of difference, it is – you can also click here to learn more about the benefits of custom-fitted trays.

All the whitening kits I’d tried up until now were nightmarish – oftentimes I overheated the trays so much that they would no longer mold to my teeth. This left me with ill-fitting trays, which resulted in leaking gel that burned my gums instantly when exposed to the LED light. Overall, it is a much more comfortable experience to use trays vs. LED kits.

Making the trays are quite simple. Smile Brilliant sends you everything you need in one box, where you make your own molds and then send them to the lab for them to create your trays.

The kit comes with 3 sets of molds in case you mess up your first attempt, which is a huge relief since I messed up the first time.

After you finish creating the molds, slide them into the return mailer along with the completed information card and then send it on your way. Pro tip: USPS offers free pick-up if you schedule online. My trays came within 2 weeks, which was pretty fast.

Perfect for Sensitive Teeth

I’ve been cursed with sensitive teeth and after a few bad experiences, this has made me afraid to try any other whitening kit. Previous kits (and even whitening strips) have given me extremely sharp and painful tooth pains. Trust me, it’s no fun getting those shooting pains in your teeth that feel like they’re going straight into the root – it is excruciating.

When I discovered that Smile Brilliant offered a sensitive teeth kit, my fear was replaced with hope! After several whitening sessions, I’ve yet to experience any tooth pain, which is pretty much a miracle, because every kit I’ve had in the past has given me some sort of pain.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Gel Ingredients

Something I’ve worked harder to do is only use products containing only vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. I’m quite pleased to know that Smile Brilliant’s whitening gel uses only five ingredients, all of which are both!

The Results

Taken before the first whitening session on April 9th

Taken the day after the 14th session on May 5th


Both pictures were taken in the same lighting conditions after 14 sessions over the course of 28 days. The instructional pamphlet said sensitive users may want to reduce whitening sessions to every other day, so I did exactly this to be on the safe side. However, even with semi-daily sessions, you can see the yellow tint that was removed.

I also like that after every session my teeth don’t feel brittle or naked from stripped enamel, a feeling I would get from other whitening kits. In fact, my teeth actually feel polished, smooth and strong after using the desensitizing gel!

Realistic expectations

Whether it’s a weight loss plan, workout plan, or in this case, a teeth whitening plan, it’s really important to be realistic about your goals and stay consistent. Although I saw significant improvement after the first session, being consistent with treatment is key if you want to see the results you desire.

One problem I faced after a few whitening sessions was that I still had some yellow staining near my gums due to being very light-handed with the gel. Over the course of time, I learned the proper amount of gel that provided just enough coverage without touching my gums. I admit that there were a few times the gel got on my gums and started to burn, but removing the tray and wiping both the tray and my gums with a cotton swab helped prevent further discomfort.

It’s also really important to avoid dark-colored drinks during the teeth whitening process to avoid potential re-staining. Why go through all the effort for improvement when you’re only going to stop it right in its tracks?

It’s important to read the 7 things to know before buying teeth whitening guide to give you a better idea of the Smile Brilliant system and what to prepare for.

The Giveaway

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… I’ve partnered with Smile Brilliant to host a giveaway for $139 worth of Smile Brilliant products! This is equal to receiving a set of your own custom teeth whitening trays, 3 whitening gel syringes and 3 desensitizing gel syringes. Since I got about 6+ uses from each syringe, we’re looking at about 18 applications!

All you need to do is check out the Smile Brilliant giveaway to enter. The giveaway ends in exactly two weeks from today and is open to USA, UK, Australia, and Canada residents.

You can also use code theballeronabudget5 to receive 5% off your order for the entire year.

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I received free products in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.


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