Baby, it’s Not Very Cold Outside (Duster Cardigan – $10.37)

Just when you thought the weather was going to drop just in time for the holidays…. sike.

I’m pretty sure the weather will be dropping to acceptable sweater-weather sometime soon, so this may be the last summer outfit I’ll be wearing for the next few months.

I spent the last few days slowly packing up my summer clothes piece-by-piece and placing them in vacuum bags to store away. Hanging up all of my coats and sweats is definitely exciting! If the weather isn’t giving me any holiday vibes, at least my closet will.

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Get the Look (from top to bottom):

Mocha Duster Cardigan: $4.38 + $5.99 shipping ($10.37) on

Black T-shirt: $5.00 at Ross

Black Asymmetrical Skort: $9.90 at Image Clothing

Briefcase: Gifted, Aldo Shoes

High-Heel Sandals: $15.99 at Ross


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