Elite Deal Club Haul: Spa Essentials

With Elite Deal Club, I was able to snag some really great beauty and spa products for $3 or less. I got an oil diffuser for $3, a free set of oils & more!

My latest haul on Elite Deal Club has been a dream! I’ve been lucky enough to snag some really great beauty and spa products for $3 or less. I’ve incorporated all 5 of these items into my daily routine and haven’t found any of them to be junky or useless to me.

Elite Deal Club is an exclusive club where you can get access to coupon codes redeemable for quality Amazon products. Many brands and companies offer deep discounts or even free products in order to raise customer awareness and get valuable feedback as well.

Even with the low prices on EDC, I try to limit myself to purchasing only what I know I’ll use. $3, $2, and $1 purchases on a daily basis add up. But it’s really cool when you find something on EDC that you needed to get at the store for much cheaper!

If you’d like to learn how to join Elite Deal Club and snag the best deals before anyone else, travel to my Elite Deal Club guide.

Deneve Essential Oil Diffuser:

Elite Deal Club Price: $3
Amazon Price: $34.95

With Elite Deal Club, I was able to snag this $34.95 oil diffuser for only $3! See how you can too.

As mentioned in my previous Elite Deal Club post, I got this lovely rock-shaped diffuser not too long ago and it’s served my home office well. Since my relocation, my other beloved diffuser has stayed at my bedside table, leaving my productivity space no zen or meditative touch. This diffuser is adorable and is a bit bigger than the size of my hand, but diffuses like a champ! Just 4 or 5 drops, and the smell even sifts out to the hallway. It’s very durable, beautifully designed and well-constructed.

Radha Beauty Essential Oil Set:

Elite Deal Club Price: Free
Amazon Price: $27.95

With Elite Deal Club, I was able to snag this $27.95 set of essential oils for free! See how you can too.

It seems that many new essential oil companies are trying to follow suit with the natural remedy movement. This item was free, but with my loyalties to Edens Garden (comparable to Young Living at a much more affordable price point), I was uncertain of the quality of these oils. When I got this set in the mail, I was surprised to find that not only was the packaging really nice, but the quality of the oils were superb! These oils are listed as 100% therapeutic-grade, so you’re getting the highest quality of oil. Compared to my bottles of Young Living and Edens Garden, I was pleased to see they were fierce contenders. Another bonus: The oils in this set are combinable with each other! There are many citrus oils, hormone-balancing oils, and a few that can be combined to replicate Young Living’s “Thieves” oil: eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon, and lemon. All you’re missing is clove!

Radha Beauty Aloe Vera Gel:

Elite Deal Club Price: Free
Amazon Price: $12.95

With Elite Deal Club, I was able to snag this $12.95 aloe vera for free! See how you can too.

I’ve been much more vigilant about my at-home hair care regimen, and started doing apple cider hair rinses with great success (I’ll be writing more about this in an upcoming post!). However, even though you get great results with vinegar, the odor is long-lasting, even after vigorous rinsing and conditioning. A great alternative to this is aloe vera! Pure aloe vera helps to balance pH levels in both your skin and hair.

I keep this bottle in my shower and use it after conditioning. It’s a bit runnier than your typical gel, but a couple of pumps into my scalp and hair made my hair significantly softer. Aloe is a great alternative for hair care next to vinegar, without the strong smell!

VIDI Microfiber Hair Wraps:

Elite Deal Club Price: $1.99
Amazon Price: $15.95

With Elite Deal Club, I was able to snag this $15.95 pack of microfiber hair wraps for $1.99! See how you can too.

More hair care diligence: I’ve taken steps to dry my hair properly to prevent it from damage. First, I stopped blow-drying my hair to prevent damage. Then, I stopped rubbing a towel into my hair to stop frizz. But even with these precautionary measures my thick hair still gets a lot of dryness and frizz, resulting in breakage and split ends.

I always heard about these microfiber towel wraps being the newest rage in haircare, but didn’t want to shell out $20 or more for a single one. When I saw these on Elite Deal Club for $1.99, I couldn’t resist. They truly do dry your hair faster and are much more lightweight than your average towel (say goodbye to neck soreness from heavy towel wraps!).

Also included is a pink plastic wide-tooth comb, which I love to use in the shower when conditioning. Wide-tooth combs come in handy for detangling thick hair!

Vivre Jolie Konjac Sponge Set:

Elite Deal Club Price: $1.50
Amazon Price: $10.00

With Elite Deal Club, I was able to snag this $10 set of konjac sponges for $1.50! See how you can too.

I wrote a review a while back about getting a Clarisonic dupe for $55.99, but even at the $89.99 listed price, many people don’t want to spend that much on facial cleansing. A great alternative to facial brushes are konjac sponges! They’re natural sponges that have antimicrobial properties, so they are resistant to bacterial growth and mold. They’re small and hard when dry, but when exposed to water, puff up and get soft.

The disadvantage I had with using facial brushes is that your skin tends to dry out much faster with daily usage. I’ve used my konjac sponges daily with no over-exfoliating side effects, and limit my facial brush to heavy make-up days.

The black one is charcoal-infused, so it provides more of a deeper cleansing. I find that the black one is perfect for T-zone build-up where pores look more enlarged.


I’m looking forward to my next round-up of Elite Deal Club products! To join EDC, you can use my invitation link here.

Going to try it out? Already a member? Tell me in the comments!

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With Elite Deal Club, I was able to snag this $15.95 pack of microfiber hair wraps for $1.50! See how you can too.


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