Cortlyn (Shoes: $15.74)

Shop the look: Wide-Brim Felt Hat: $8.10, Crop Top: $14.99, Purse: $59.86, Watch: $45.80, Harem Pants: $23.99, Heels: $15.74 -

Shop the look: Wide-Brim Felt Hat: $8.10, Crop Top: $14.99, Purse: $59.86, Watch: $45.80, Harem Pants: $23.99, Heels: $15.74 -

Octobers in Southern California come with unpredictable weather. It can be foggy in the morning, shoot up to 90 degrees by mid-afternoon, and then drop to a nice cool evening. So, I styled this outfit for versatility and comfort. I grabbed a wide-brim hat to beat the sun, and left a black longline cardigan in the car for the cooler evening.

Instead of a huge tote or shopper, I opted for this amazing purse that’s a dupe for Phillip Lim’s Pashli Mini. I was going out with a friend to have some lunch and then run some light errands afterward, so a small purse was practical for today’s agenda.
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The key to my comfort are these Cortlyn Gladiator Sandals from JustFab. With a chunky 4-inch heel, these shoes are extremely comfortable – I’m finding myself going miles before I get even a single blister. You’d think that with the basketweave design blisters and sores would be inevitable, but I’ve yet to see a single one! You can get them for $39.95 on JustFab, but I was able to get 75% off, bringing my total including shipping down to $15.74.

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For the price I was expecting sub-par quality, but I’ve put some mileage on these heels and they’ve held up great. If you’re looking to get unique shoes, I definitely recommend trying out JustFab – you can get a pair of shoes every month for only $39.95, and you always have the choice of skipping the month with no penalties!

Click here to try JustFab and get 20% off your first item!

Get the Look (from top to bottom):

Wide-Brim Felt Hat: $8.10 + free shipping on eBay

Zara White Crop Top: $14.99 plus tax – Clearance at Zara

Designer Dupe: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini: $59.86 on AliExpress

Superdry Scuba Watch: $45.80 + free shipping on eBay

Harem Pants: $23.99 plus tax at Active

Cortlyn Gladiator Heel: $15.74 on JustFab


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