The Look for Less: Valentino Rockstuds ($995) vs. Kaitlyn Pan Studded Heels ($109)

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October 26th, 2016 UPDATE: I recently received this shoe as a gift and wrote a review on it. Click here to read.

In recent months, we’ve seen an explosion of Valentino’s most wanted Rockstud – the perfect high-heel strappy stiletto, sprinkled with pyramid studs. While it looks great with every outfit in every color, it’s no wonder why every woman wants them.

Unfortunately, for most of us, the Valentino Rockstud is available at most high-end retailers starting at $995.

Most of us women can only admire these shoes from afar (or through pins on Pinterest). But finally, another company has emerged with heels oddly similar to Valentino’s.

Enter Kaitlyn Pan, a brand available on Amazon. Kaitlyn Pan’s line of shoes contain replicas of popular shoes among celebrities, from Valentino’s Rockstud to Christian Louboutin’s Spiked Pigalle.

Kaitlyn Pan Genuine Leather Studded Pointed Toe Pink Sole High Heel Stiletto Pumps

When I first saw this item on Amazon, I thought it was another knockoff Chinese product and proceeded to continue on. But after seeing 77 customer reviews with an average of 4 1/2 stars, I backtracked.

Don’t believe me? Check out the reviews on Amazon.

Comfort, Quality, and Style: What the Reviews Say

Many customers have written reviews featuring images of real Valentinos next to its Kaitlyn Pan counterpart. With a growing number of reviews, customers are gushing over similarities in fit and quality. What’s more shocking? Customers stated the Kaitlyn Pan Rockstud seems to be more comfortable than the near-$1,000 designer original.

And although Kaitlyn Pan’s product description contains no single keyword hinting at a knockoff of Valentino’s Rockstud, it sure does look exactly like it.

Where to Buy

Kaitlyn Pan’s Studded Heel is available on, currently priced at $109.00.

Comfort, quality, and style, for a very reasonable price. Will you be grabbing a pair? I know it’s #1 on my birthday wish list next month!


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We found an accurate dupe for the $995 Valentino Rockstud! Best part: it's only $109!


This post may contain affiliate links.

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