11 Awesome Things to Do on Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

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Are you single for Valentine's Day this year? That doesn't have to be a bad thing. Here are tons of awesome single valentine's day ideas to enjoy yourself during this holiday. - www.theballeronabudget.com

If you’re single, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time rolling your eyes this month. Whether it’s walking past the bright pink and red aisles at Target or having to scroll past your friend’s cute photos with their boyfriends, it can sometimes feel like this holiday is made to torture singles everywhere.

I am making it a goal to spend time with my gal pals this year and celebrate Valentine’s day as a singular individual without a significant other in tow. A holiday that used to celebrate the meaning of love has now turned into a consumerist green day for businesses across the globe, and to the average person it can either do 1 of 2 things:

  1. Make people in relationships feel pressured to buy outrageous gifts or plan some extraordinary plans to showcase their love. Example: If I don’t receive a diamond ring or a gift worth at least $600, this means my boyfriend doesn’t care to show he loves me.
  2. Make people who are not in relationships question their self-worth due to not having a significant other. Example: I’m single, so I must be unloveable, unattractive, and worthless in some way, shape or form.

Either way, modern-day Valentine’s Day often comes with a lot of emotional burden. So to go against the grain, I’m going to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with all my single friends outside of the box and go back to the original roots of sharing affection without the glitz and glam. Here are some ways you can do this too.

#1: Spend Time With Your Single Friends (Galentine’s Day)

Of course, this is the obvious first choice: like Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation said, Galentine’s Day is only the best time of the year! Showering your friends with love and affection is often much more genuine than feeling obligated to perform romantic feats for an amorous lover. Grab your single friends and think about doing some of these activities:

  1. Dress to impress and go clubbing, bar hopping or salsa dancing
  2. Have a pajama party with snacks and binge watch movies or TV shows
  3. Throw a classy dinner party (and maybe even some of your single guy friends too!)
  4. Visit the wineries or breweries
  5. Rent out a room at a karaoke place and drink and sing
  6. Have a board game night

#2: Go to a Single’s Party

No, not a swinger party (unless you’re into that – I don’t judge!). All across the nation there are Anti-Cupid or Anti-Valentine’s Day parties open to the public where you can meet and hang out with other singles and have a great time. Los Angeles has a ton of upcoming Valentine’s Day parties, but you can also check out Eventbrite and look up your nearest busy city to see what activities are happening.

#3: Go on a Tinder Date

I don’t recommend this for people who are dying for romance, are afraid of spending the holiday alone, or just got out of a new relationship; however, if you feel like you are ready for the rush of meeting a new person in a dating environment, go for it. Maybe you just want to hook up for the night? No problem with that either. Just be real with your expectations, intentions and emotions before swiping right.

#4: Pamper Yourself

You really don’t need anybody else to get pampered – in fact, if you have an SO like mine who can’t stand to be massaged because they’re ticklish, it’s probably going to be better to hit the spa alone. Most massage places may be booked up several weeks in advance for couple’s massages, but you can always try getting an at-home massage appointment or go to a Chinese foot spa and get some reflexology done to really unwind those muscles.

You can also consider these other ideas:

  • Try a new haircut
  • Get your nails done
  • Splurge on a nice facial
  • Go to a Korean spa and visit the jimjilbang
  • Stay home and draw a bath with some candles, wine and your favorite TV show


Remember to book any spa and salon appointments with Groupon! With Groupon, I got 1-hour massage valued at $60 for only $28! Click here to check out my Ultimate Groupon Guide to Discounted Spa Treatments. You can also click here to sign up for Groupon if you don’t have an account already.

#5: Spend Time With Your Family

When was the last time you visited mom and dad? If they don’t mind, pay them a visit and have dinner with them. If your parent is single, take them out and celebrate the day together.

#6: Do Charity and Volunteer Work

I highly recommend volunteering at your local homeless shelter, animal shelter, senior center or even orphanages if you’re feeling lonely. Valentine’s Day can be rough for people who are freshly single, but spending time with others who are less than fortunate can often remind you of the real meaning of the holiday. Who knows, you might even make a new friend while you’re there.


#7: Travel

Got some extra cash and time to spare? Why not travel? If you can book a flight somewhere or even take a road trip somewhere new, traveling on Valentine’s Day can not only distract yourself from this holiday but may also open yourself up to some self-searching.

If you’re open and social enough, consider meeting up with other people in new places. Girls Love Travel is a Facebook community of over 51,000+ women across the globe. Post where you’re going and offer to meet up with locals in the area!

#8: Give Valentine Gifts to Strangers and Acquaintances

If you’re a DIY-kinda person and love socializing with new people, make a basket of treats or cute crafts and pass them around school, work, or even in passing on the way home. While some people may take your gift with apprehension or even reject it altogether, opening dialogue with new people will more than likely make for an interesting story.

#9: Treat Yourself to a Nice Gift

Use this consumerist holiday to spoil yourself and buy something nice! Whether it’s diamond jewelry, a new pair of heels, some lacey lingerie or even a car, you deserve to have something nice – so pick something from my $50 luxury gift guide or buy that designer bag you’ve been fawning over for months!


#10: Curl Up With a Good Book

Let’s be real: With Netflix and HBO taking over, when was the last time you had some quiet time to sit down and read a novel? Head to the bookstore and grab a bestseller or sift through Amazon and order an e-book so you can binge read a book for the day. You will be absolutely surprised with how refreshing it is to become engrossed in a book.

#11: Spend Quality Time With Your Pet

Do you play with Fido as much as you should? If you have a dog or any other pet, spend the day with them. Take them on a hike, spend a day at the dog beach, go to the dog park and meet other friendly dogs and owners, or shower them with toys and treats at home. If you don’t have a pet and have been interested in getting one, visit the animal shelter and bring home a brand-new buddy.

Any of these suggestions peak your interest, or do you have any other plans for yourself? Let’s chat in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter below for other Valentine’s day ideas and more.

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  1. Etta Endo
    / 10:01 am

    I really liked this post.
    You have something for everyone!
    With these suggestions there is no reason to feel out of sync with the world if you’re single…just celebrate the Spirit of the day!
    Please keep up the great work!
    I just love it!!!

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