Shop the look - Beanie: $8.62, Sweater: $20.99, Belt: $13.99, Down Jacket: $34.99, Boots: $99, Jeans: $24.99, Purse: $55.87 - THE BALLER ON A BUDGET

I think around this time of year it’s safe to say it’s finally winter in Southern California. It’s been so cold and rainy and I’m thankful for it, but now that the new year is here, I’ve gotten so busy with running business-related errands and trying to find work, the weather is starting to really become a bother.

On the plus side of things, I can finally wear my down jacket! Jun said I looked like Santa Claus in this outfit and I can’t help but agree. Well, I now dub this outfit “Santa-chic.”

It’s well into February now, and it’s probably time to reflect on the current progress of my blog. My business license and other business-related paperwork have all been filed, so my blog is officially now a business. With this now in full-swing, I’ve started looking in-depth into the monetization as well as growth of my audience.

Just last month I had the opportunity of interviewing one of my favorite bloggers, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents (you can read my interview with Michelle here). Michelle’s monthly income is hitting a solid 6-figures a month nowadays, so I decided to check out her online course on blogging and monetization. While I’m a huge fan of free knowledge, there were some things I just couldn’t learn from online research alone.

Shop the look - Beanie: $8.62, Sweater: $20.99, Belt: $13.99, Down Jacket: $34.99, Boots: $99, Jeans: $24.99, Purse: $55.87 - THE BALLER ON A BUDGET

Through Michelle’s course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing I learned so many different strategies to promote and monetize this blog. For those who enjoy writing and have a passion or hobby in just about anything, blogging is an excellent way to let your creative side run wild and make money at the same time. Although there are plenty of online courses about starting a blog, I don’t think there are any that are as informational and thorough in regards to making an income from it. And with her income reports, it can be said that her own personal success is enticing enough to invest in her course.

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Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is $197, and for those who just jumped out of their seat at the price – if you are pursuing blogging as a job, then you can’t deny that starting any business doesn’t come without initial investment. I consider this course one of the most fundamental foundations of my blog because I haven’t implemented even half of the information from the course and am already seeing a significant increase in income. I took this course quite a few months ago and am still revisiting the course as well as additional resources like the exclusive Facebook group and Pinterest strategies.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are tons of blogging courses that are “valued at only $997” and even more. Michelle’s course has so much value and is worth far more than $197, but the price point is much more affordable than most online courses out there.

I’ll be writing a review on Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing in the near future, but for now I just wanted to share my personal application of the course during the current progress of my new business. For those of you who have been mulling over the idea of starting your own blog, Michelle’s course, as well as her website Making Sense of Cents, are both worth checking out as her blog’s success is inspirational as well.

You can sign up for Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing here.

Shop the look - Beanie: $8.62, Sweater: $20.99, Belt: $13.99, Down Jacket: $34.99, Boots: $99, Jeans: $24.99, Purse: $55.87 - THE BALLER ON A BUDGET

Shop the Look

Arizona Cardinals Beanie: $8.62 on Amazon

Cowl Neck Sweater: $20.99 – $21.99 on Amazon

Patent Leather Waist Belt: $13.99 on Amazon

Lightweight Down Jacket: $34.99 on Amazon

Over-the-knee Boots: $99 on Amazon
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Levi’s 711 Skinny Jeans: Purchased for $24.99 at Levi’s, available on Amazon for $36.99-$44.99

Genuine Leather Purse: $55.87 on AliExpress
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