I can’t believe it’s November and we’re still experiencing 85 – 90-degree weather. It’s somewhat mind-blowing. I’ve personally never cared for the heat and the beach, just because I tend to sweat easily. The only thing I’m thankful for is the cool evening weather because you can normally get away with a T-shirt and pants during the night.

My boyfriend and I went to a backyard barbecue last weekend where I overindulged in two massive plates full of homemade carne asada, chicken, beans, rice and salsa. Our friends are just way too good at cooking and grilling. Perhaps another blessing to live in Southern California: Mexican food is great pretty much everywhere here… I’ve traveled to a few other states and Mexican food is usually mediocre at best. Because our Hispanic demographic is huge here, homemade Mexican food is everywhere. I love it!

And that leads me to the 3rd thing I’m thankful for from living in California: ethnic diversity. I was born in Brooklyn and didn’t move to California until I was about 10 years old, but from since as early as I can remember I’ve always been in a diverse crowd. Even little things like authentic Mexican food shows me how much of a cultural hot pot we have here that’s often taken for granted. When I’ve gone to other parts of America I couldn’t help but be left dumbfounded by the lack of diversity. Some of my closest friends are Asian, Mexican, white, black and middle eastern.

This was something that hit me again as I watched the polls come in during Election night. As a young minority and a Democrat, it astonished me to see the poll statistics of who voted for who, which states were blue and which states were red. I’m sure the poll results were alarming to many people I knew, but it just made me think about our ethnic diversity and our democratic culture here in California. We are just a single state out of 50 states. There’s a whole world full of people out there even outside our nation. I’m so grateful to be around a diverse group of people that are capable of looking past skin to create a valid judgment on another’s personality.

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As for what lies ahead of us following the new presidency and Congress, I’m going to try to stop stressing and just relax and enjoy the warm California weather for however long time permits it…

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