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Entering the World of Blogging and Social Media Consulting

I know, you’re shocked. What happened to blogging, you ask? Well, blogging definitely isn’t going away. Throughout the past few months, blogging and even Instagram marketing have been such a whirlwind experience filled with new friends, opportunities, and even new epiphanies about myself. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I don’t consider myself a…

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Falling in Love With Home

It’s funny that as a teenager, no matter where you grow up, you always go through a phase of becoming bored of your own town. So many of my friends and myself included couldn’t wait to become self-sufficient adults and move away from Riverside. It seemed like such a small town with nothing to offer…

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Spring Trend: Yeezy Season 2 Peep-Toe Boots

As much as many claim to hate the Kardashians and Kanye West, you can’t deny that this notorious bunch sets all the trends that grow like wildfire. From the peep-toe thigh-high boots featured in Yeezy’s Season 2 to the corsets and T-shirt dress combo, this family’s style paves way for all others to follow. This family’s…

$1,350 Gucci Dionysus vs. a $86 genuine Italian leather dupe: Read the review and find out where to buy here! - THE BALLER ON A BUDGET

Designer Dupe: Gucci Dionysus – $1,350 vs. $86

One of the biggest spring handbag trends is Gucci’s Dionysus. From several embroidered designs to the original GG-printed variations, the Dionysus has been a huge hit for fashionistas since winter and has been predicted to carry on well into the spring. Unfortunately, even for the plain suede Dionysus mini, the price tag starts at a…

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Transition into Spring With Your Current Wardrobe

Transitioning into spring in Southern California is like ripping food out of a shark’s teeth. We tend to experience winters late and don’t have transitional seasons like spring and fall. So come April, we’re already well into the 90’s and then experience sporadic rain. Since it’s a habit for most people to buy new clothes every…

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How to Manifest the Life You’ve Always Wanted

I’m huge on spirituality and energy. People who’ve just met me can’t help but shake their heads or roll their eyes when I talk about the universe, souls, vibrations, energy, and auras. Truthfully, I used to be a tar-black soul. I was angry all the time, and my life always seemed terrible. Bad things were…