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How to Manifest the Life You’ve Always Wanted

I’m huge on spirituality and energy. People who’ve just met me can’t help but shake their heads or roll their eyes when I talk about the universe, souls, vibrations, energy, and auras. Truthfully, I used to be a tar-black soul. I was angry all the time, and my life always seemed terrible. Bad things were…

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Goodbye Carbs, I’m Going Keto (Coat: $49)

Ah, transition. I always hated periods of transition. But this one, I don’t mind at all! My income has switched over completely to my blog, which is both an exciting and terrifying thing! I’ve really worked my butt off since the start of it all to ensure at this point in time I would be…

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Staycation Planning (Coat: $25)

“I need a vacation.” Yep, I’m overdue to say that phrase. I never realized how tiresome being a full-time blogger could be! Although some amazing things are happening, I do feel a little worn-out from working double-time. Of course, the work is very fulfilling and I love what I do, but I think I need a…

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All Tied Up

Still on the quest for a job to supplement my blog, but unfortunately the job hunt is looking a bit dreary. At this point I don’t think I’d be too shattered if I don’t find a job anytime soon, because with every day that passes, my blog is starting to generate more income, and it’s…

This $5 DIY is a perfect way to add bowties to your high heels without buying a brand new pair or permanently altering them! This project costs less than $5, and is quick and easy to make. -

DIY Ankle-Strap Bowties

One of my favorite types of shoes are ankle-strap heels, especially when they have a bow on them. Unfortunately, I’m pretty picky and usually always find something to nitpick at, whether it’s color, shape or silhouette. I realized that with the nude, white and black heels I have in my wardrobe, I could create a…